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Cornerstone Meat and Bone

Chicken and Beef Raw Dog Food

Chicken and Beef Raw Dog Food

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Give your pup the nourishment they need with this high quality raw dog food. A balanced menu of premium chicken and beef provides essential proteins and vitamins. Keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy.

Just a few bones about it- this is a steak for your dog, with some bird blended in.

  • 40% chicken and bone
  • 20% beef
  • 16% tripe
  • 5% liver
  • 1.5% spleen
  • 4% lung
  • 2% heart
  • 1.5% kidney


How Online Orders Work:

You can pay online, or at checkout select to pay via e-transfer or cash on pick-up (the order can still be put in on the website). Call Phil at 4O3 598 1974 with any questions about the delivery process or if you prefer to order over the phone. 

We drop off meat to the locations in the Online Order Pick Up tab on a set schedule. When you review your cart you can choose a pick up site from our mobile route or our Eckville location. For our mobile route, you will look for Phil in a white Dodge Ram with a trailer that says Cornerstone. He will have your order ready!


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